Printing - fix for no mobility print printers

check that you are synced by clicking your initial in the top right corner of chrome, if not hit turn on sync and sign in. Follow the prompts and allow all questions that may appear. 

Hit ctrl - p or access the print menu in chrome any other way, such as file-print from an application. Then, click destination - see more

You then should see printers at your current building (current physical location, not just where you work)


Select the printer that you want. If prompted, select sign in with google. Do not enter in any login info, just click sign in with google. 

If you are logged into chrome and synced, and you see no printers with the green mobility print icon, please go to this link and install the mobility print extension. Click install and follow the prompts. Once finished, follow the steps above and you will see all printers at your building. 

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