Embedded YouTube Videos Blocked in Google Slides - Workaround

1. Use Nearpod.  Follow these steps directly from your Google slideshow:

Go to EXTENSIONS in the toolbar and select NEARPOD, then OPEN NEARPOD - a menu will pop up on your right hand side

Scroll all the way down and select VIDEO

Click on the YOUTUBE tab and do a search for your video or copy and past the URL for the video in the searchbar

Click to select the video and click SAVE twice.

In the right hand menu bar, click the white button SAVE and GO TO NEARPOD

Once in Nearpod, scroll down the page to your library - the slideshow has saved in Nearpod - then click the STUDENT PACED Button and copy/paste that link to your Google Classroom.

Students will click the link and be prompted to log in to Nearpod to view the video. 

2. Copy/Paste the direct YouTube link into your slideshow using _popup

Grab the URL link to your YouTube video 

Copy it and paste directly into your slideshow as a link.  After the "H" in "WATCH" in the URL, type _popup

Students will be able to watch the video as an embedded popup without directly being brought to Youtube.

Let us know if you need any assistance with this.  We would be happy to help.  


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