Fix for dell command client management service being disabled.

Occasionally the dell command update service that the command update app uses will become disabled. There are two ways to fix this. Easiest way is to restart the service. Other way is to uninstall and reinstall. 

To restart the service:

Go to the windows search bar and type services, and open up the app:

Look for the service called "Dell Client Management Service". Right click on it. If you can hit restart (if its not greyed out) do so and check that the status has changed to "running". If so you are done. That is likely not the case, so instead of hitting restart hit properties:

Then, change startup type to automatic. Hit Apply and ok. Now go back to services and check that the status has changed to running. You may need to re-open services but after that you should see the service running and you should now be able to run dell command.

If that does not work, to uninstall and reinstall:

Type control panel in the search bar and open the control panel

click uninstall a program. This will either be under programs as shown, or under "programs and features"