Fix for dell command client management service being disabled.

Occasionally the dell command update service that the command update app uses will become disabled. The only way (that I know of at the moment) to fix this is to uninstall and resinstall the dell command app. To do so:

Type control panel in the search bar and open the control panel

click uninstall a program. This will either be under programs as shown, or under "programs and features" 

then look for "dell command update for windows universal". Click it and press uninstall. There will likely be multiple dell options so make sure to remove that one. It may take a bit where it looks like nothing is happening (just a few minutes). You can in the same manner, close and reopen the control panel and go back to uninstall a program and it will be gone. It is a good idea to confirm dell command is no longer listed there. 


Then to redownload, go to this link.

From there, go down to where it says download and hit download

From there, click the notification for the exe file or click the down arrow downloads icon and click there. From there run the installer and follow the prompts. When finished, you will get a complete message that you can then close. check out the below article for how to use the software once installed:

Dell Command Updates


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