Can't save Word docs to G:Drive

This worked for Leane Manderson's issue: 

First we closed the drive for desktop. Instructions below
1. On your computer, open Drive for desktop.
2. In the bottom right taskbar, click Setting then click Quit.
3. Reopen Drive for desktop
To find your drive for desktop again you have to search the Drive for Desktop in the search bar in the Windows. Click on it and it will appear again.
After we disconnected the account 
1. On your computer, open Drive for desktop icon.
2. Click Settings and then Preferences.
3. Click Settings and find the account you want to disconnect.
4. Click Disconnect account.
5. If you have files that are in the process of being uploaded, you'll be prompted to wait for them to sync.
6. Sign in again. Choose a new location for the Google Drive folder. ( I didn't have to as it was located in the same place and it didn't ask me for a new location)
After that all my saving docs worked perfectly well again. Apparently this issue happens to people who is using several devices, so it's important to have the files in streaming and offline. 

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